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from the Latin erosio (to bite off, to tear), from ex- “out” + rodere “to bite, to gnaw”

“The being from which the soil derives is the rock. Through natural or artificial action the rock is fragmented, disintegrated and forms what is called in edaphology original matter. The meterorisation of the rock” (Estúdios Agrários by Amílcar Cabral, 1988, p. 91).

Amílcar Cabral refers to this meteorization process as a relative denial of the rock in which natural external agents destroy its structure, denying it and returning it to its "original matter", resulting from the rock's destruction before it was make it solo. A second negation occurs in the meteorization process that corresponds to the development of the soil (a body-soil, as Cabral mentions) which he identifies as independent, natural and historical. Soil means support, soil is a social entity in constant exchange with external agents, one of the forms of exchange between soil and man is through erosion.

Note: “Erosão” is also the title of the first book by Gisela Casimiro published in 2018

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