As an artist the methodology I use is the one of the architect, meaning I have to respond to the context, by not acting on a subject before understanding it. It means that to have a responsible knowledge before acting, I need to respond to the context in which I'm also a part of.

Graduated in architecture in 2013 and Master in photography in 2021, I’m interested in themes as architecture and territory. Besides studying the autobiographical context of a territory, I find in photography the tool for signification, through the palimpsest of places that are familiar to me.

The work developed revolves around a set of circumstances, social, external or organic, moving through different themes and stories that I want to tell around a certain subject, it is not defined by a specific aesthetic or form. Concepts like melancholy, memory, place, identity and colonialism are the main themes around my body of work.


→ Upcoming exhibition of "Beyond Solid Ground" at PhotoIreland, Dublin (IL)

→ Upcoming exhibition of "Beyond Solid Ground" at FOTODOK, Utrecht (NL)


→ Undisclosed exhibition at Porto (more info soon)

→ Collective exhibition “Álbuns de familia: fotografias da Diaspora Africana na Grande Lisboa (1975-hoje)”, curated by Filipa Lowndes Vicente and Inocência Mata at Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Lisbon (PT), 27th april until january 2025

→ Presentation of the book "Viagem Magnífica, Chegamos Bem" by Catarina Laranjeiro and Tânia Dinis, Casa da Memória, Guimarães (PT), 20th april

→ Class on the course "Mulheres na Fotografia" at Atelier de Lisboa

→ Invited lecturer at class "Análise e Crítica dos Media Contemporâneos" at ESAD, Matosinhos


→ Artist talk at Centro de Estudos em Fotografia de Tomar with João Henriques

→ Class on the course "Mulheres na Fotografia III" at Atelier de Lisboa

→ Issue 22, "Nos Txon" by editors Pierrot Le Fou to be launched TBD on STET books (Lisbon) and at Centésima Página on the 21st July

→ "Beyond Solid Ground" was selected by Futures Photography for a traveling exhibition through PhotoIreland (Dublin), FOTODOK (Utrecht) and Robert Capa Center (Budapest)

→ Selected as a Futures Photography talent by Ci.CLO Bienal de Fotografia do Porto


→ Upcoming exhibition "Beyond solid ground" at Novi Sad, Serbia, november 2022

→ Seminar "Narrative and Territory" at Casa da Cerca, Almada, during Trienal de Arquitetura de Lisboa - october 2022

→ Article "On Memory and Post-Truth: Through the Family Album" at JSTA - Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts

→ Exhibition "Beyond solid ground" at Encontros da Imagem, Braga, september - october 2022

→ Collaboration on the book "Corpo Periférico" by Welket Bungué

→  Exhibition Review "Silêncio da Terra: Narrativa, arquivo e história" on Aniki 9.2 (2022) - revista portuguesa da imagem em movimento

→ Exhibition “Nos Txon” at Galeria Imago, Lisbon, april 2022


Photography and History conference, at Museum of Photography at Funchal, Madeira Island, 16th december

→ Column on Jornal Expresso by Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida

→ Article on Interact #35: objetos encontrados como prática de pesquisa curated by Ana Gandum and Maura Grimaldi

→ Article on Ipsilon by Público Newspaper written by Filipa Lowndes Vicente 

→ Exhibition "Erosão" at Casa do Crivo, Braga, december 2021

→ Exhibition “Body/ Power” at Museu Nogueira da Silva from 5th June until 4th September


→ Program “What do we talk about when we talk about racism” conversations and cinema sessions with co-programmer Eduardo Brito at GNRation Braga
→ Interview with Bubblegum Magazine
→ Online exhibition on Through the Lens Collective with theme “Photographs are not Facts”
→ “Out of Place” series exhibition during Rotterdam Photo Festival
→ Collective exhibition on “Panorama20” at Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica do Porto, September 2020


→ Selected for Portfolio Review in Encontros da Imagem in Braga


→ “Binomia” published online on Scopio Editions

All images © Marta Pinto Machado

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